Tuesday, January 27, 2015

■RBC cuts mortgage rate, price war coming?

It was always going to happen but while last week the big lenders were reluctant to pass on the Bank of Canada’s interest rate cut to borrowers, this week there’s talk of a price war.

Royal Bank of Canada has become the first of the big banks to cut mortgage rates, dropping its 5-year fixed rate deal to 2.84 per cent and also cutting its other fixed products. Flexible rates are unchanged though along with other lending from the bank. Of course these rates are their published deals and brokers frequently secure better ones but a ‘battle of the rates’ creating headlines can only help the perception that now is a great time to buy. How low those rates go is anybody’s guess but there are already predictions of sub-2 per cent mortgages.


Source: http://www.mortgagebrokernews.ca/news/rbc-cuts-mortgage-rate-price-war-coming-187518.aspx

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