Sunday, February 23, 2014

■Homeowner MUST HAVES


Yesterday it was sunny shiny Saturday:

A pair of police officers on horseback was patrolling in our neighbourhood:

This morning it was cloudy and I knew I had to be careful not to fall on the ice. But I slipped and fell on the ice and hit my butt on the way to my Prius. I am hoping my neighbours didn’t see me….poor me. Prius couldn’t get out from this icy side driveway.

Here is Homeowner’s MUST HAVES. “Alaskan Premium Ice Melter prevents slips and falls and starts melting in seconds! It tears into ice and snow, with best in class speed and long lasting results.(Reference:

My husband always says this is the BEST Ice Melter. He wasn’t home this morning, so I had to save my Prius by myself. Yes, it worked! Thanks to this Alaskan Premium Ice Melter I could catch 10:30 studio class at the gym and had a good workout lol Look these shades of blue. I scooped lots of them!

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